Bathroom Renovations with a new frameless glass shower.

You have made the decision to renovate your outdated bathroom. The planning stages are very exciting, as you envision your finished bathroom project with brand new bathroom furniture and a frameless glass shower. Often, the stress sets in when you start to work on setting a budget and keeping your cost in-line.

Here are a few tips:

Hire a professional, reputable contractor. Check his/her references personally with a home visit to observe first hand prior completed projects of bathroom renovations which include the installation of a frameless tempered glass shower.
Draw up a true to scale layout plan of your space. Allocate measurements for the intended fixtures such as a vanity, glass shower enclosure or shower stall, bathtub and toilet. Keep in mind; moving plumbing is a costly expense. Try to work with existing plumbing layout to trim costs.

Designing your shower enclosure

New: Canbath Frameless glass shower doors and glass hardware

Designing your shower enclosure no longer has to be hidden behind stained, mildew curtain. Time and time again, a homeowner will create a beautiful shower enclosure with spectacular tiling finishes, only to hide it behind a shower curtain. Take pride in what you have created. There are inexpensive ways to capture the beauty of your shower enclosure, with the installation of our 10 mm clear frameless glass shower or a glass door with tempered glass panels.

Whatever your design, there is a glass installation that will capture and proudly display your labor of love. We provide frameless glass showers and glass shower sliding doors, with a large selection of glass shower hardware. The sliding door system is great for bathrooms with restricted space.

It is also very versatile as it can accommodate many width variations.
Shower Sliding doors, or frameless glass shower screens give a stylish, modern and contemporary look to every bathroom.

Whether your space is large or small, it is still possible to achieve a lavish, luxurious bathroom.

Consider investing a large portion of your budget to your fixtures and finishes. We often hear our customers say “how wise it is to research what is available”. To avoid extra cost, ensure that the walls are level and the threshold has a slight grade towards the inside of the shower. An additional method to saving on added costs is to research with us our in-stock measurements on our pre cut glass doors and glass panels prior to finalizing your framework and tiling. If your builder or contractor does not have experience installing a frameless glass shower screen or
shower doors with glass panels, allow an experienced glass installer to do the job right. Our installers will take the final measurements and install for a reasonable price.

With a variety of styles and sizes the options are endless. Our glass shower enclosures are sold as a complete unit, which includes the in stock glass doors, glass panels – custom glass panels and all hardware.