Drawings for shower glass doors

How do I get started?

Call our Bolton office for a free quote. Once you confirm you'd like to go ahead, one of Showerhouse's expert installers will provide an In-Home precision measurement to insure a perfect fit, delivery or installation can be expected within 7 to 12 working days. All of our glass bath / shower screens are custom made to the exact specifications of each unique bathroom.

Showerhouse has all your glass needs covered from your bathroom to railings and room dividers. We service the enitre GTA.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures from wall to wall

Are you looking for a frameless glass shower enclosure for your bathroom to put between two walls? If so, consider a frameless wall to wall shower screen. Most modern bathroom renovators would choose a frameless glass shower screen to add to the spacious clean look of their bathroom. To do this, you will need to measure the opening between two walls on the floor tiles by running a tape measure and getting the closest measurement. With this measurement you will be able to choose whether you want a 1, 2 or 3 panel wall to wall shower screen. If the measurement is less than 30” we recommend one door with heights from 68, 72 or 74¾”. These doors are our stock items and cost less then a custom door. Click here for shower doors in stock and size

If the measurement is between 30”~48” we recommend one door and a fixed panel. This will be a one panel with door wall to wall glass shower screen.

If the measurement is greater than 48” we recommend a larger fixed panel and a door, or a door in the middle and another fixed panel. This will be a two panel and one door wall to wall glass shower screen.

For special prices, please see: Easy Door

Our standard height for a frameless shower screen is 75¾”. You will need to make sure your walls are plumb or straight by no more than ¼” difference to use our standard stock shower panels to save money on getting a custom shower screen. Click here for glass panels in stock and size

In tough economic times like these, we at Showerhouse can help you save on your shower screen by offering you a range of wall to wall glass shower screen sizes at significantly reduced prices. Many builders get their shower screen supplies from Showerhouse because they know our quality and prices are unbeatable. If you haven’t started tiling your bathroom then start researching your wall to wall glass shower screen because you can get your walls and floors tiled to suit our shower doors and panels and save.

Sample drawings

If one of the drawings fit your new shower, please copy it and send it back to us with the measurements and we will send you a quote. You can also send us also your own drawing or a rough sketch.

Shower Enclose
Showerdoor 001
Shower Enclose
Showerdoor 002
Shower Enclose
Showerdoor 003
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